Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. What is a Practitioner Profile Page?
    Practitioner Profile Pages are essentially a marketing tool for health care providers(doctors, products, hospitals, etc.) to promote their businesses. A Practitioner Profile Page provides the space and resources to adequately describe what it is that they do, how they do it, where they are located, costs, etc.

  2. Who is a Practitioner Profile Page for?
    Practitioner Practitioner Profile Pages are for doctors, hospitals, alternative medicine practitioners, organizations, product manufacturers and sellers, other websites & blogs - essentially anyone that has a list of Cure Chronicles and Healing Testimonials to share.

  3. Who is a Practitioner Profile Page not for?
    Practitioner Profile Pages are only really worth while if they have Cure Chronicles or Healing Testimonials that link back to them otherwise there is a good possibility that no one will find your page. The more Cure Chronicles and Healing Testimonials the greater the likelihood of your Vendor page being viewed.

  4. What is a Cure Chronicle?
    A Cure Chronicle is a detailed narrative record or report of a method or course of medical treatment used to restore health. A Cure Chronicle provides more information than a typical testimonial would and in so doing is more useful because it is more believable,puts everything into context and allows the reader to properly gauge whether the person has similar conditions to themselves. In order to qualify as a Cure Chronicle, the following three elements must be present: 1) The Cure Chronicles Case Studies Details Chart must be filled out 2) The Cure Chronicle must be specific to a person. 3) The Cure Chronicle should provide some context and details into some or all of the following:

    • the individual's struggle to get better
    • severity of the disease
    • progression of the disease
    • details on the therapy that finally helped
    • details on the practitioner that helped
    • other therapies tried
    • words of advice or wisdom
    • thoughts on their disease and healing
    • how they are currently doing
    • anything else that might be helpful to someone with your disease

  5. What is the Cure Chronicles Case Studies Details Chart?


    Length of Time with Disease:

    Age Cured:           Gender:

    Length of Time in Remission:


    Primary Therapy Used in Healing:


    Healing Practitioner:

    Areas Affected:

    Cure Scale (1 - 3):

    1 - disease has come back

    2 - still has some symptoms of disease on occasion

    3 - has been in remission since completion of therapy

  6. What is a Healing Testimonial?
    A Healing Testimonial is a tribute given for services or achievements made in restoring a person to health. A Healing Testimonial is similar to a Cure Chronicle in terms of content but requires fewer details. A Healing Testimonial has two rules: 1) that the Healing Testimonials Case Studies Details Chart must be filled out 2) That it must be related to a specific person's healing journey.

  7. What is the Healing Testimonials Case Studies Details Chart?




    Primary Therapy Used in Healing:


    Healing Practitioner: