The term "incurable" is a bit of a misnomer. For every disease or condition that there is no known cure, there is at least one person, more likely hundreds of people, who have defied the odds and put their condition into remission. Who are these people? How did they do it? What specialists helped them? Were their conditions similar to what you or someone you care about is currently going through? If so, is it possible to overcome this same-shackled fate?

Anyone who has ever been really sick or watched a loved one suffering or dying has probably experienced the "Google spiral" - that endless loop of constant searching on the internet for information that could help, for someone with a similar condition who has over come it.

CureChronicles.com is dedicated to bringing the stories of ordinary people who have risen above their diseases and conditions and found healing. The goal of this website is to be the worlds largest database of cure stories. By chronicling these stories, in this database, we hope to help people suffering with disease to develop the courage,motivation and strategies that can lead to healing. In effect, this website is all about people helping people find healing. Nobody should ever be told that there is nothing that they can do for their disease or condition. Something can always be done.