John McComb


The vision for would be fulfilled if:

  • Stories of healing were posted from:
    • Top hospitals
    • Leading healing practitioners
    • Respected medical journals
    • Extraordinary individuals that took responsibility for their health and found healing
  • Stories of healing were posted on the site for all diseases and conditions considered “incurable”
  • Healing stories were posted by practitioners and individuals from around the world
  • Solutions for diseases from other parts of the world became available and became mainstream
  • The website became the first “port of call” for someone diagnosed with an incurable disease or condition
  • Enough stories were posted on the website that individuals afflicted with a disease could do an advanced search on a disease with the exact symptoms that they experience and find stories posted of people with the same disease and same areas affected. For example, Multiple Sclerosis affects people differently. With enough stories posted, someone would be able to look up Multiple Sclerosis and loss of mobility in left arm as well as loss of eyesight and find stories posted by people with Multiple Sclerosis who had overcome those handicaps
  • Individuals could find local practitioners with expertise in healing their conditions through stories on the website
  • The majority of people who had posted stories (individuals that healed themselves as well as practitioners) accepted the receive comment function and answered questions for individuals that needed answers thus recording the needed conversations for others to benefit from
  • Instead of advertising in traditional health trade publications, practitioners allocated marketing budget to the telling of healing stories
  • Both practitioners and individuals posting stories as well as individuals coming to the website had a good user experience
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