My Story - The Genesis of an Idea

My mother contracted Multiple Sclerosis shortly after my birth over 40 years ago. I've read that the birth of a child can help trigger the disease in a woman. Growing up I watched her mobility decrease. First she used a cane to help her walk then she used a cane to walk all of the time. Shortly thereafter,she required the use part time of a motorized scooter to get around. Eventually, she needed this all of the time. Later it was a wheel chair. Then it was part time help eating dinner that progressed to needing help all of the time.

Disease takes a toll on everyone associated with the person who has the disease. I will forever remember the day I got a call at work from my father telling me that mom had also developed cancer. How can someone have two major diseases?

Another day I will never forget is the day my mom wanted to go down to the dock at the cottage but we were too busy doing our own thing to go with her to make sure she got there okay. I remember her yelling for help when she got into trouble and watching her fall out of her wheelchair and do a face plant on the ramp because she couldn't use her arms to stop the fall. A black eye and some scars she was okay but still...

The toll on family and loved ones isn't just emotional. I've read that financially, a family with someone who has Multiple Sclerosis will most likely spend over a Million dollars in their life time. Health wise, my father who was her primary health care giver upon retirement, now obtains dialysis three times a week. I believe there is a genetic factor as well. My sisters have both developed allergies to many things. Myself, I have Celiac disease, psoriasis and am hypothyroid.

I've spent my entire life thinking about disease and I think the primary problem with healing begins when a person reads or is informed by their doctor that they have an "incurable disease" and that there is nothing that can be done about it. At that moment there are two choices: 1) Believe the diagnosis and accept your fate or 2) Decide that something can be done and take responsibility for your cure.

My mother was told that there was nothing that she could do and that her condition would gradually deteriorate to the point where she would have little control over her body. This is what happened. Over the years, she did try many alternative therapies and products. One particularly painful therapy I remember is bee sting therapy where a local bee keeper came over to the house and would proceed to sting her with his honey bees. This, along with the other things she tried didn't work.

I believe that my mom accepted her doctor's prognosis for her life when she was diagnosed with MS. Who could blame her though? We knew no one who had put their MS into remission and hadn't even heard of anyone doing this "impossible" feat. The internet sort of changes that though. Search hard enough and long enough and you will inevitably find someone who claims to help people heal from the disease you are searching. Better yet you may even find someone who has healed themselves of the disease you have. With this type of information my mother could have modeled the diet, thinking, exercise, and supplemental regime of someone who had healed themselves while at the same time being under the care of a health practitioner who had successfully put the disease in remission with another patient. My mother's odds of healing success would have dramatically risen.

The Internet makes it easier but it still isn't easy to do this. I know first hand. Around age 30, I started having my own health problems and developed hypothyroidism, psoriasis and was eventually diagnosed with Celiac Disease. These problems, for the most part, were manageable but recently a fourth disease was added to my list, psoriatic arthritis. This is a crippling disease and there was no way that I wanted to end up like my mother!!! To that end, I've put in hours on Google trying to find the right solution to heal this condition but its tricky depending on what you type into the search bar.

This website is meant to help put the odds of healing in your favor by being an easy, one-stop consolidated website full of stories of individuals who have overcome the "incurable" along with the doctors who have helped them.

My mother passed away in March 2014. In the end it was inoperable bladder cancer that took her life. This was the third time that she had contracted a type of cancer. Her life was a shining example of positivity and I couldn't ask for a better mother. A good Christian, she died peacefully surrounded by family.

I created this website to give meaning to the suffering that my mother endured.  She wasn't able to find healing but hopefully through the stories and case studies on this website others can.

 If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with an "incurable" disease or condition know that there is hope.  For every "incurable" disease or condition that exists there is someone who has cured themselves from that very condition.

Through these pages lie the stories of ordinary men and women who were once told "that nothing can be done" and rose above this thinking to find healing. Something can always be done..

Founder of Cure Chronicles