Ideas for Creating a Meaningful Cure Chronicle

If you've successfully recovered from an "incurable condition", others with the same or similar conditions would benefit greatly by knowing your story. This website is meant to be a resource for individuals diagnosed with an "incurable condition" to find stories of people that have conquered ailments similar to theirs and utilize that information. My hope is that through the telling of these stories alternative methods of healing make it into the mainstream and that years of suffering for individuals get avoided. Remember every story helps. Your story doesn't have to be perfect, just providing it can help another person.

This section is meant to act as a guide and provide ideas that you may want to incorporate in your Cure Chronicle. As mentioned in What is a Cure Chronicle? there are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes a Cure Chronicle other than it relating to a specific individual, provide some details and context, and that the Cure Chronicles Case Studies Details Chart be filled out.

Questions to Guide You in Writing Your Cure Chronicle?

The following questions are here to help you write your healing story. The more details you provide the more useful your story will beto readers. Not all of the questions need to be answered. These questions are simply suggestions of what people may be interested in knowing:

1. Describe your condition, for example:

  • Severity
  • Areas of the body affected
  • Progression
  • Length of time with disease
  • Length of time to diagnosis

2. What was happening in your life when contracted your ailment?

3. What products/treatments/therapies/practitioners did you use that were successful in your healing?

4. On a scale of 1-3 (1 (disease has come back), 2 (still have some symptoms of disease occasionally), 3 (have been in remission since therapy ended) where would you currently rank yourself? Why?

5. What did you try that didn't work?

6. What do you feel was the difference between your getting cured and others who have tried the same kinds of therapies and failed?Why were you successful?

7. Words of wisdom or thoughts on healing that might help others?

8. Attachments: Are there any supplementary attachments that you would like to include that would help enhance the readers understanding of your cure? I.e. Photos  Before/After,Videos, Articles, etc.

Ideas for Making Your Cure Chronicle Stand Out

The following are some elements and suggestions that could be used individually or combined to tell your story:

  1. Audio Interviews - by hearing the person's testimonials and listening to them answer questions you get a feel for them, their personality and their struggles.
  2. Video Testimonials - same as above but now you can see the person talking.
  3. Transcribed interviews - this is done for those who prefer to read or when the individual doesn't want his/her voice posted as an audio interview.
  4. Media Attention - some Cure Chronicles have received media attention. This is understandable considering they have done something extraordinary that would help a lot of people achieve healing.
  5. Links to books/businesses - A lot of the people that have received healing from "incurable diseases" have written books or created businesses out of their experiences.
  6. Includes Pictures - A picture is worth a thousand words.
  7. Written story - Good provided it includes details and answers key questions. Think about what others in your situation would want to know. Use these questions as your guide.
  8. Links to other websites for more details on a particular subject or element of their healing.
  9. The stories are personable - They share details of the person's life.
  10. The stories are believable - Includes details that the reader/listener can research for validity. May even include details from an opinion leader such as a doctor or other medical expert.

Everything mentioned in this article is simply a suggestion. Don't feel you need to incorporate all of it. Use what works for you. In the end, simply having your story may make the biggest difference for someone with a similar condition to what you overcame. If you are ready to begin click here.