Using Worms to End Years of Crohn’s Disease Suffering

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Name: Herbert Length of Time with Disease:   15 years
Age Cured:  31  -   Gender:  male Length of Time in Remission:   6 years
Country Healed in:  United States, New York City Primary Therapy Used in Healing: Helminthic Therapy
Disease: Crohn's Disease Healing Practitioner:  Jasper Lawrence
Areas Affected:  N/A Cure Scale :  Has been in remission since completiton of therapy

Imagine living for 15 years with excruciating stomach pains; constantly checking in and out of hospitals and often having food fed to you through intravenous. And, this is all happening while doctors are doing “everything” they can do for you.

This is the reality for many people living with Crohn's disease.

Now imagine trying a controversial therapy that you read about over the internet and, almost overnight, you experience a complete remission.

In the following interview, you will learn Herbert's story. Herbert  (not real name) is a Crohn's patient who has achieved remission through an alternative treatment called Helminthic therapy.

Cure Chronicles: Can you describe Helminthic therapy

Herbert: Helminthes are intestinal parasites. There is nothing gross or disgusting about them. We have billions of bacteria living inside of us, and we wouldn't be able to live very long without them. We humans have lived with organisms, including helminthic parasites, for millions of years. We only started getting rid of them over the past 70 to 80 years in the developed world. We got rid of these parasites through hygiene and modern plumbing.

Modern humans have survived to this day because we evolved to have strong immune systems that could keep the number of parasitic organisms in our bodies quite low. Those animals that couldn't keep the number of parasitic organisms in their bodies low have died out. Parasitic organisms, in turn, try to live as long as possible. Since the immune system fights invaders using an inflammatory response, humans have evolved to suppress this inflammation to keep our immune system in check. Now that we have largely gotten rid of these organisms, after having evolved to live in a symbiotic relationship with them for millions of years, our immune systems have gone haywire; often causing uncontrolled inflammatory responses.

Undeveloped countries (like many of those in Africa and South America) still have an abundance of these organisms. It’s no coincidence that Crohn's and ulcerative colitis are virtually unknown in those countries. They have a host of other problems and diseases, but they do not suffer from autoimmune illnesses.

Cure Chronicles: How did you hear about Helminthic Therapy?

Herbert: I was constantly looking for cures for my disease. About six years ago, I found some research on Helminthic therapy. I spent a few years reading up on this therapy. About three years ago, I found Jasper Lawrence’s Yahoo! group. It took another three years of reading up on Helminthic therapy and talking to other patients before I decided to take the plunge and spend the $4,000 fee for this program.

Cure Chronicles: Who is Jasper Lawrence?

Herbert: Jasper Lawrence is a guy living in California who suffered from a severe case of asthma. Asthma is a life threatening illness, and he was really suffering. He was on corticosteroids and inhalators, but these medications weren’t working very well. One day in 2004, he saw a documentary on Helminthic therapy. He thought this therapy might help him, so he started doing a lot of research and realized it made a lot of sense for him. Jasper went to a lab and asked to get the organisms used in Helminthic therapy (hookworms/whipworms). They told him that these were dangerous parasites and they wouldn’t provide them to Jasper. He then went to a different lab and got the same answer. The guy was so desperate to try the treatment that he actually traveled to Cameroon, Africa, and got himself infected with hookworm. All of his symptoms went away. He was completely cured. When he got back to the U.S., he started selling the treatment and decided to make a business out of it. He had already helped about 200 people when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (the “FDA”) knocked on his door to tell him he was selling an illegal drug. He ran off the next day to avoid arrest.

He is now in a different country, and I obtained the worms from him. He is still selling these worms, but he can’t advertise because the treatment is still illegal. I had to travel outside the U.S. to start this therapy, and Jasper no longer ships the therapy into the U.S. I was on Humira for my Crohn’s when I started Jasper’s therapy and, in 16 weeks, all my symptoms were gone. I stopped taking Humira. In fact, I stopped taking all the medications and, right now, I am in complete remission.

Cure Chronicles: Why does Jasper charge so much for his treatment?

Herbert: Actually, $4,000 is relatively cheap because hookworms live for three to five years. If you divide $4,000 by five years, it comes out to just a few dollars a day. That is significantly cheaper than other Crohn’s medications. The problem is that it’s not covered by insurance and, therefore, was out-of-pocket and quite expensive for me.

If this treatment is ever covered by insurance, meaning it receives FDA approval, that would be great. The problem is that companies can’t patent a biological organism. They can only patent a chemical. It is extremely cheap and easy to produce these organisms. No pharmaceutical company is going to invest a hundred million dollars and eight years of medical trials if they can’t patent a drug; if they can’t recoup the money. If they can’t get any money back on their investment, why would they want to invest in it?

The other issue is that you only do the Helminthic therapy every three to five years, and it helps most autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases are chronic diseases that have traditionally required constant treatment, making these diseases huge revenue streams for big pharmaceutical companies. Helminthic therapy could cost these pharmaceutical companies a whole lot of money, like tens of billions of dollars. Imagine if Crohn’s patients didn’t need any of their maintenance medications or asthmatics didn’t need any inhalers or asthma drugs? Even consider the eradication of allergies. Allergies alone are a huge business.

Since starting this therapy, I have lost all my food allergies. I used to be allergic to avocadoes, cherries, apricots, and plums. Now I can eat as much of these foods as I want. I used to get an awful reaction immediately after eating them. It’s actually pretty incredible and something I did not expect to happen. I was eating sushi one day and I accidentally ate a piece with avocado. In the past I would have gotten quite sick immediately after eating avocado. But I ate it and I was fine. I ate another piece with avocado and I was still fine. I really couldn’t believe it so I went home, grabbed an avocado, and ate the whole thing. Normally I’d have ended up in the hospital doing this, but there was no reaction. It was unbelievable.

Cure Chronicles: Can you describe your experience?

Herbert: Initially I received hookworms, which enter your body through your skin. I received a small vial with three drops of water (or what looked like water). I took these drops, put them in a bandage, and attached the bandage to the inside of my arm. I left it on for about 12 hours. After 20 minutes, I felt an itchy sensation. I went to bed. The next morning I saw a small rash. That was the only symptom I had from the actual infection. The rash went away in a few days. The itch only lasted for about half an hour. In total, I received 35 hookworms. I know that I got 35 hookworms, but I don’t know how many survived. I am actually going for a capsule endoscopy in two weeks. Hopefully my doctor can count these worms because I am curious to know how many actually survived.

A few months later, I received whipworm, which came in a small bowl of liquid. These worms are microscopic, so there’s no “yuck” factor. It’s not disgusting at all. You don’t swallow any living worms or anything like that, and you don’t feel it. I just drank 2,500 whipworm eggs.

I don’t know how many survived. I’ll need to have colonoscopy to actually count the number of worms in my body. Even during a colonoscopy, whipworms are hard to see because they are very tiny and attach themselves to the intestinal wall. I am planning to have a colonoscopy sometime in December because I am curious to know how many whipworms survived and how many are needed to actually achieve remission. I want to have as much information as possible because I tend to approach things in a scientific manner.

Cure Chronicles: What was the severity of your Crohn’s?

Herbert: As severe as it gets. I was in Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), which is intravenous nutrition, for a month. I couldn’t eat anything. TPN is when you have a bag with a pump that you have to attach to the peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line. When I was on TPN, I couldn’t go to work or do anything – it was pretty bad. It got much better after I stopped eating gluten but, even after I stopped eating gluten, I had to have surgery for an obstruction. Once I had internal bleeding where a vessel hit an ulcer, and my blood pressure dropped from 14 to 5.9 in a matter of hours. That is really dangerous. The doctors were forced to give me a blood transfusion. I’d say it was pretty severe. I tried pretty much every medication. They don’t give you Remicade and Humira unless you are very sick.

I have had three surgeries over the past 16 years. I had three resection surgeries. I had a perforation in my small intestine, an abscess in my duodenum, and an obstruction in jejunum.

Cure Chronicles: How long was it before you were diagnosed with Crohn’s?

Herbert: It took about six months to diagnose my Crohn’s. I was in high school and I started getting stomach aches. I had a fever all the time and severe stomach pains. I had an endoscopy and they did a biopsy where they found granulomas (a type of inflammation typical of Crohn’s), which is a definitive diagnosis. So the diagnosis was pretty quick. I know people had Crohn’s for years before figuring out their health issue. If you have a colonoscopy and an endoscopy pretty quickly, they can see your Crohn’s. It is very easy to see Crohn’s because it is a patchy inflammation with ulcerations in the walls of your bowel. Once they do a biopsy, they can see it under the microscope. It is not hard to diagnose.

It is just that some people are afraid [to get the tests done]. I remember the first time I was in the hospital. Now I can’t even count how many days I have spent in the hospital.

Cure Chronicles: What other therapies had you tried that didn’t work?

Herbert: I have tried everything; acupuncture, holistic and herbal cures, etc. I didn’t really achieve any benefits from those therapies. I actually don’t believe in the alternative therapies currently out there; only the ones with proven evidence of success.

I tried pretty much all the medications available for Crohn’s. My gastroenterologist says I now know more about Crohn’s than he does.

Cure Chronicles: On a scale of 1 to 3, how would you rank yourself today?

Herbert: I’m 100% healthy. I am not taking any medications and I feel fine. I am having blood tests done every month just to make sure that my hemoglobin doesn’t drop, etc. My C-reactive protein (CRP), which is a marker of inflammation, has gone down to zero. Before I tried Helminthic therapy, my CRP was through the roof. My erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), another marker of inflammation, has also fallen to zero. I have a blood test to prove it. So this is a real remission. My doctors still can’t believe it.

Cure Chronicles: How long have you been in remission?

Herbert: Since July of 2010. I got hookworm in April and it started working in July. It takes between 12 and 16 weeks for the hookworm to mature and for the immune system to adjust to the organisms. In August, I obtained a second organism [whipworm]. Hookworm lives in the small intestine and whipworm lives in the colon. I decided to cover all my bases, which is why I obtained the whipworm.

Cure Chronicles: You have been studying this quite a bit, do you have any idea why you got Crohn’s? Any theories?

Herbert: Well Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease. Basically it’s an inflammation where the immune system starts attacking the digestive system. I caught pneumonia right before I got Crohn’s, and I actually know some other people who –  before coming down with Crohn’s – also got some type of bacterial or viral infection. My theory is that, because we lack all sorts of organisms that have been in our bodies for millions of years, our immune systems don’t know how to stop inflammatory processes properly.

The pneumonia I got was a bacterial pneumonia that caused an inflammation boost. The bacteria triggered an immune response and, because I lacked the organisms needed to fight the bacteria, my immune system continued its inflammatory cycle. If I had these organisms in my body then, the bacteria would have been automatically regulated. I would have gotten better from the pneumonia, and that would have been the end of it. Because we are missing these organisms, any inflammation will just keep going and going. In Crohn’s patients, this is what happens to their digestive systems. In the case of multiple sclerosis sufferers, the disease attacks the myelin sheaths around the nerve cells, which causes paralysis.

I think the reason these diseases exist today is because of the absence of organisms like whipworm and hookworm. I honestly think that is the main issue. That is why I am planning to host these organisms forever. There are no side effects. If I ever want to get rid of them, I can. I can’t infect anyone else because they need to be incubated in soil for three weeks at the right temperature, with the right humidity level and the right moisture. These organisms actually don’t survive very well unless you have a reason to breed them. Humankind thought we were doing the right thing by getting rid of them, but these are actually only parasites in large numbers. In small numbers, they are symbiotic organisms.

Cure Chronicles: Do you believe anyone taking this therapy for an autoimmune disease will benefit from it?

Herbert: I am sure of it. In any case, if you have a very severe autoimmune disease and you want to try it, the only thing you stand to lose is some money. If it doesn’t work and you want to get rid of them, all you need to do is take a single dose of Bendazole and they are gone. Chances are you will not feel any symptoms from hosting these organisms, so you will have no reason to get rid of them. If this treatment doesn’t work, you have lost $4,000, but nothing else. If it does work, however, you stand to gain remission and a life of less pain and better health.

I have no doubt this therapy works because I know a lot of people who have already achieved remission. There is a Yahoo! group with over 600 members. Most of these individuals are clients/patients of Jasper’s. Most of them obtained hookworm, whipworm, or both. Most of these people are in remission.

Scientifically and evolutionarily, this therapy makes sense. It also explains why we did not have autoimmune diseases over 100 years ago, and why we don’t have any today in South America or Africa. Everything fits. This just makes sense. I am living proof of this theory. And, if it was just me who succeeded with this therapy, that would be one thing. Believe me, $4,000 is a lot of money for me. That is why it took me so long to decide Jasper Lawrence was not a scammer and that I was not going to lose my money on a prayer.

I am sorry I waited so long!

Cure Chronicles: If you were to give words of wisdom or thoughts on healing to other people what would they be?

Herbert: Try it. When I left my health to doctors, I did not get better. Only when I started caring and doing things on my own did I start to get better. Modern medicine does not have much to offer today for autoimmune diseases. That is why I started looking for alternative therapies on my own. Gluten-free diet? My gastroenterologist did not approve it. Helminthic therapy? He certainly did not approve that. Now he is amazed at the results. My hope is that he will start telling other doctors and patients about it, and the word will spread.

The body is a very complex mechanism. I don’t think any one single event, therapy, or medication can cure it or make it sick. My advice is to do things like eat well, exercise, and expose yourself to a good level of vitamin D and all its co-factors (magnesium, zinc, calcium, and vitamin K2). Also it is important to take probiotics (bacteria). There is scientific research that shows that helminthes require a certain amount of healthy bacteria in order to thrive.

You just have to have the right amount of helminthic organisms, and the whole thing will stay in balance and make you healthier.

Below are some links to websites that Herbert endorses: – this “one stop” shop website on Helminth Therapy provides access to:

  • Scientific papers and studies
  • Media articles
  • Links to blogs of people who have been using the therapy
  • Any other information you might need on Helminth Therapy – Jasper Lawrence’s website should you wish to receive the therapy from him

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