How Ken Presner Overcame Paralysis from Multiple Sclerosis and also Beat Crohn’s Disease
Name:  Length of Time with Disease:   7 years
Age Cured:  47  -   Gender:  male Length of Time in Remission:   19 years
Country Healed in:  Canada, Toronto Primary Therapy Used in Healing: Removed Mercury dental fillings. Chelation therapy.
Disease: Crohn's Disease,Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Healing Practitioner:  Various
Areas Affected:  was paralyzed. Had lesions on the left side of the brain and on spinal cord. Cure Scale :  Has been in remission since completiton of therapy

The following interview is with Ken Presner.  In 1989, at age 40, Ken was left bedridden and paralyzed with Multiple Sclerosis.  In 1994, he almost died from Crohn’s disease.  Ken took it upon himself to try and find a way to make himself feel better. At first he did this through giving himself positive affirmations because he was paralyzed, later he would drag himself to the library to do research, later still he would try all types of alternative medicine.  Eventually, he came across information regarding metal toxicity on the body and began the process of removing it. Ken is a crusader for the removal of dental mercury fillings and has made it his quest to help anyone who reaches out to him. The following interview tells his story in more detail.

John:  Ken, thanks for taking time to talk to me today. Maybe you could start by telling a little bit about your diseases and conditions. You had MS and Crohn's disease, why don't you talk about that. How old were you, the severity, etc.

Ken Presner:  Well, I was paralyzed with multiple sclerosis when I was 40 years old in 1989. I'll be 62 this year. And the dental work that caused this had been happening right back to the 1950s.

I remember my dentist in Montreal he would have the amalgam, you know, in the palm of his hand, he’d be rolling it around there before putting it in my mouth.

So as a kid I started to get so called silver amalgam fillings that are 50 percent mercury. Of course, that's the big dental lie that I write about on my site. And that's the basis of the lawsuit that Moms Against Mercury won against the FDA in 2008, which they conveniently reversed in 2009.

This is related to poisoning from dental mercury. What's happening is that mercury crosses the placenta. It's in the fetus. It's in breast milk, and so when you have children who are mysteriously ill with things like ADD, and autism there are people who are discovering that the mystery is not so mysterious because the attempt to cover up the cause is falling by the wayside.

There's a lot of information now being produced on the Internet, to show that when mothers start to chelate the mercury and possibly other heavy metals in their children, that recovery is possible and happens.

And so the lawsuit to Charlie Brown who was the lawyer that launched the lawsuit, they won, and then it was reversed.

John:  So when you say you were paralyzed, you're...Like, MS is a progressive disease, is it not?

Ken:  No.

John:  In your case, it's...

Ken:  No, there are different…MS can manifest itself in different forms, and the people who get caught up in, "Oh, I have progressive this," or, "I have this kind of MS," this, to me, is irrelevant. What happened to me is that I was paralyzed rather quickly. “The cup runneth over.”

In other words, I had 14 mercury fillings in my mouth and I was on a dental plan work...I was in the health food business at the time. I was a manager of a large health food company. I had some awareness but of course not [laughs] the awareness that I needed in order to avoid the problem that happened to me.

I went to the dentist and he said, "Well, you know, you've got some old cracked fillings, and I see you're on a dental plan and, we can replace them and put some new fillings in your mouth and while we're at it, we can do your whole mouth." He had dollar signs in his eyes.

I said, "But yeah, but what about the this mercury issue." I didn't know the fillings were 50 percent mercury, but I knew there was mercury in them.

This is the big cover‑up with Moms Against Mercury, the lawsuit I was referring to, and Charlie Brown comments on it that they're called silver amalgam fillings in order to cover up the fact that they're mercury fillings.

Mercury is the only product that is available in the Western world that is exempt from labeling laws and that you can call something other than it is.

So, basically what happened was, I said to my dentist, "What about the mercury?" And he said, "Well, if that was a problem, I wouldn't be using it," and I said, "Oh, well, that sounds all right to me then, if you know it."

Here is a dentist who's been in business for I don't know how many decades. I was naive and I put myself in his hands with confidence, and after the dental work went on vacation and felt like I had been hit by a freight train.

Within a matter of two or three months, I started to really be in big trouble. I had gotten a job as a general manager of a health food distributing company and I was quite athletic at the time. I even used to bike to work in the winter.

I had to stop biking and take the streetcar down the street. Eventually, I couldn't walk to the stop. Then one day I came home and got into bed and that was the end of it. I couldn't walk.

John:  So this was in Toronto then?

Ken:  Yeah. November, 1989.

John:  So you went home, and you went to bed. When you say you were paralyzed, you didn't have the use of your hands, or...?

Ken:  No. I couldn't feed myself. I couldn't feel my legs. I had no feeling at all. They were just like dead lead. Lead posts. My hands would go into claws. Like a claw, you know? There would be like a reflex thing, and they would go into claws.

I couldn't hold. I couldn't feel anything. I would try to hold a plate, and I would drop the plate. I couldn't feel it. I went for testing, and part of the testing involved sensory.The doctor closed the lights, and he gave me something to feel. I was trying to feel what it was in my hand.

I said, "Well I don't know what it is. All I know is that it's square." And he turned on the light, and it was a 25 cent coin. [laughs]

John:  Wow. So how did you begin your road to recovery? How long was it before you could begin your road to recovery? Did your MS go into remission, a little bit?

Ken:  I don't believe in remission. It took me nearly seven years to recover. I don't believe in all of the terminology that the medical profession surrounds MS with. I've written a lot about the MS clinics and the MS Society on my site.

I gave a speech to the MS Society in 1997 in Vancouver, and vilified them, which they deserved, and they still deserve, because they profit off of people with MS. They're not there to help find the, the cause and the cure, as they say. They're there to run, and bike, and collect money, and keep themselves in business.

It took me a long time to start to get mobile. My brother was getting married in December. He said to me, "Kenny, you know, I'm getting married. Will you come to the wedding?" I said, "Lou, I can't get out of bed." He says, "Why?" I said, "I don't know. I'm real sick."

So eventually in early 1990, I just uh...I don't know. I started to tell my legs, I said, "Dammit, I need you." You know, "You better start moving." So I used my mind. I didn't know about positive affirmations and visualizations. I'd never read any books on that or anything.

But these were the only things that I had in my arsenal because I couldn't function. So basically I started to imagine myself well. I started to tell myself, you know talked to myself, and see myself as healthy. I talked myself into a very positive space.  

I said to myself, “I need to get to the library, and find out what I've got. I need to get to a doctor and find out what's going on here.”  It's a much longer story but I went to many practitioners. I've gotten taken for by many alternative practitioners as well as medical practitioners who were are all ready to take my money.

Eventually I got to a doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital. I had MRIs done at Toronto General Hospital. It showed what they call lesions on the left side of the brain, and two very large ones on the spinal cord. And then very quickly he said, "Well, you have Multiple Sclerosis."

And I said, "What?"  I was devastated. He said to me, "Come, come back in five years. We'll see what the story is in five years." So I said to myself, "Well, thank you very much." [laughs] "That was very kind of you." So I was in a funk for, for a while.

I could see that the medical profession was totally bankrupt. The MS Society, totally bankrupt. MS clinics, totally bankrupt. Not, not financially. They're living off of sick people, but they weren't helping anybody. So I said, "Well, I bet I could do it myself, and I'm going to find out what the hell it is."

So I did a lot of research, a lot of reading. I was just forcing myself to get to the library. Eventually, I got into a medical library, read medical literature and came to the conclusion it had to be the mercury fillings.

The story is a lot more complicated and a lot longer than that because I was starting to become mobile and to get energy to function.

One day, I was feeling well. This was early in the 1990s, before I got Crohn's disease. I went and took a walk and it (M.S) was feeling good and it (M.S) came back and I went to bed for three weeks. I couldn't get out of bed. This was the kind of thing I was up against.

So I said, "Well." I mean [laughs] you can feel good on any given day but [laughs] it ain't gonna help you if you gotta go back to bed for three weeks. You know, [laughs] you haven't made any progress. So, eventually what happened was along the road to a lot of dead ends with alternative medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy.

All kinds of energy healers - Qigong. You name it, I did it, from one thing to the next. Then in the summer of 1993 I started to really get sick. I started to run a fever and have really terrible abdominal pain and ended up moving to Vancouver in the fall of '93.

I collapsed and ran a fever, and, this was from the summer, that's August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March. The fever ran probably eight to nine months, every day before I was operated on. And I was down to, I'm five foot ten, and was down to 52 kilos or around 114 pounds.

John:  Wow.

Ken:  I was dying back in the spring of '94 when I arrived in Vancouver. I didn't know anybody. This is all in my recovery protocol.  I have a book that's a full‑length hard‑cover or hard‑copy book that Hulda Clark's publishing company has agreed to publish.

I've been working on that for a long time but I have so much work to do that it's been very difficult for me to complete it. I've completed large sections of it. In my recovery protocol I describe a lot of what I went through.

I went to Vancouver to try to connect with somebody who could help me. Eventually, I got to a general practitioner who got me to gastroenterologist and, of course, they could see that I was in pretty, pretty rough shape so they got me into hospital.

Dr. Ken Atkinson saved my life,  April 5, 1994. He operated on me and, apparently, they say that, if my heart hadn't been strong, I wouldn't have survived the operation. I remember the first time he came to visit me in my room after my operation.

He was at the foot of the bed and he said to me, "Ken," he said, "you were a mess." Well,  I had a feeling I was [laughs]. I had tubes coming out of everywhere. I had a fistula that went through the pelvic wall. It went through the pelvic bone, the pelvic wall, and was coming out the right buttock. [laughs] I was addicted to morphine.

I was addicted to morphine before I was on the morphine machine. I spent six weeks in St. Paul's and I had to have a second admission. I was hemorrhaging. They like to get you out of the hospital to make some money and get [laughs] some fresh body into the bed.

What happened was they let me out of there prematurely, and I knew it was prematurely 'cause I went back to the apartment, collapsed on the floor. And so, my wife says, "Well, better call the hospital." I said, "No." I said, "911." So, I called 911 and they scraped me off [laughs] the floor, put me on the stretcher, got me back in the ambulance down at St. Paul's.

They took my hemoglobin count and it was 41. [laughs] Which means that virtually, I had ver‑, you know, there's a reserve of blood in your body, in your liver, you know, when you lose all your blood. See, I was hemorrhaging.

They were giving me transfusions but I was hemorrhaging every time I went to the bathroom. All the blood was going into me, was going out of me. And they let me out, I think, with about an 80 hemoglobin count and I was 41 when [laughs] I came back in the hospital.

So, I had virtually very little blood left in my body. They were surprised I wasn't in shock but my lips were still moving...


Ken:  ...and I was still conscious. Because, that's kind of the way everybody in my family was like. We're fighters and then the lips always kept moving. [laughs]

What happened was they kept transfusing me, it kept bleeding, and the doctor came into my room and he said, "Well, you know if you don't stop bleeding we're gonna have to open you up again in the morning." I had 29 metal staples on the outside holding me together.

Not stitches, but metal staples to hold my intestine, my whole front was opened up. They had to take out part of my large intestine, my appendix, part of my small intestine when they did the operation. They were gonna open me up again. Well I had secreted into the hospital alfalfa.

Because from the health food business I knew that alfalfa is the largest natural source of vitamin K, the clotting factor. So, it's called K, it's got a German name. It means that if you take large amounts of vitamin K, you have a better chance of having your clotting capacity improved, which is what I needed, badly.

So, I took a lot of alfalfa and I prayed like hell. I prayed to God to help me so that I would not have to go back to the operating table the next morning. I woke up the next morning and the bleeding had stopped. It was a miracle. It was wonderful.

Eventually I got out of the hospital but I was still sick. They guaranteed me that I would be back for another operation within five years because everybody goes back. Of course, because so you know they don't, um, um, I won't use the word cure. They don't get to the root of things so that people can overcome this condition.

What happened was my insides were not in good shape at all. I had all kinds of pain and problems. I wasn't able to put weight on. And to make a long story short I found out that I was infested with parasites. I discovered that dental mercury was the cause of my two so‑called incurable illnesses.

I cleaned up the the pathogens that were still trying to eat me up alive. I got the mercury out of my mouth by a biological dentist called, Ariel Mayan, on West Broadway, a great dentist who helped a lot of people.

And I did chelation. I nearly croaked from [laughs] from DMPS, which was used in a dangerous way back in those days. Apparently, there are some practitioners who use it safely these days.

Dr. Zigurts Strauts, down in Surrey, put me through a lot of chelation, and taught me a lot about it in order to get the mercury out of the brain, out of the intestines, out of my organs and tissues. Within a short time, I was well on the road to recovery.

There are other things, which I have discovered. I live in Southeast Asia now. I've been in this part of the world for 10 years. And there are a lot of things that I discovered in Oriental medicine because mercury suppresses the immune system.

I used to go to St. Paul's to ask my general practitioner that. I told him, my GP, that I had a suspicion that my immune system was still not strong. And I said, "I want to get the same test as HIV people."

He said, "Well, you know, it's an expensive test. They probably won't allow us to do that." I said, "No, no. I wanna get it done. I wanna know. I wanna get the numbers. I wanna know what my immune system looks like," you know.

So I used to get my CD4, CD8 done there and it was always around 600. I couldn't get it up to, I mean it's it is not in the HIV area which is, I don't know, I think below 200. I mean really low numbers. I mean, I was functioning and had an immune system, but it wasn't, it wasn't at the level that I would call a really strong, healthy level.

Since I've been in a Southeast Asia, I have discovered different forms of medicine over here, which have enabled me to get my immune system back, up to normal. It astonished me when I got the CD4, CD8s test back that my immune system had recovered so dramatically.

Even though I had done a lot of chelation, my mercury levels were showing, my excretion levels were showing so low, that I was doing myself more damage than anything else because, chelation also takes metals as well as mercury and other heavy metals and aluminum, the light metal, out of your, out of your body.

Basically it was depleting myself of minerals, and there was very little left in terms of toxic metals to get out of my system. So low mineral levels became a greater danger to me than, than high metal levels, which, I no longer had anymore.

It's at a certain point you gotta stop doing chelation, for this kind of thing but there are certain therapies which I write about in my book which are very useful for getting what I would call residual mercury and other toxins out of your system.

Things which might not show up in a lab test as being significant, but yet are significant, biochemically, physiologically, in terms of immune system suppression.

I discovered a lot since I finished chelation with Dr. Strauts in '90...This is '95, '96 and I've done some DMSA on and off as a maintenance. Since '96, in the last 15 years I've done a lot of other research, and discovered a lot of other things that are very helpful.

John:  Well, Ken, going back to what you just said, what kinds of medicine are you using, are you buying in Southeast Asia to help your immune system?

Ken:  Oh, this is complex. I don't want to seem evasive and to tell you the truth I'm not out to promote my book. This is not why I'm doing the interview but it would take a lot longer time than we've got here to discuss the modalities that I've been using and how to use them carefully and safely.

That's why I wrote my recovery protocol. It's a 180‑page book. So if I start to give details it will be misleading for people because I write people who email me. I let them know. They say, "Oh, I decided it was this. I've done this," or "I'm trying that." I said, "Well, I'm sorry, but with all due respect you're flying blind."

This is what happens, people have a good idea or a bad idea, and they chase after it. And they're really flying blind because they have really no idea of the big picture. So what I do in my book, is I write about the big picture and then I put the details into the picture in a way that lets them know how and when they should do each stage and what they should expect. I also give free follow‑up for people.

I've been accused of taking advantage of people. Well, I beg to differ. I don't believe that the costs of $24.95, which includes a 20‑dollar discount, with free follow‑up for as long as you need it [laughs], constitutes taking advantage of people.

It's pretty sad what I read, what other people have written on Curezone, on their websites, in emails to me. To tell you the truth, I find it pathetic, so what I do is I help people as best I can.

I make no medical guarantees or claims, because that's against the law. I do my best to point people in directions where they can discover for themselves whether these things will work for them or won't.

And I also always let them know that they should definitely be doing this under the guidance of a competent medical practitioner who is familiar with this, competent with this, and who is experienced in these areas because it is very, very, important to do proper lab testing to get back urine test results, to know how to interpret the results.

I help practitioners as well, some of whom are not up to speed, who may be misinterpreting a certain type of result. I help them understand as I have learned through Dr. Strauts and a lot of other experiences through the last 15 years.

I help them understand what these numbers may mean and what they sometimes look like, but in fact might not really be...The truth might not be what they really look like on the surface because there might be other factors under the surface that are going on that they might not be aware of. You see it's a bit complex.

These are the things that I write about in my book, and do follow up for people. I'll talk about this in the sense of detoxification. Getting to the root of the problem. Finding practitioners who can help to safely remove mercury fillings from your mouth. Getting to practitioners who can help you safely remove metals from your tissues and organs.

DMSA happens to be an FDA‑approved drug. It was approved by the FDA for chelating lead out of the brain of children who were lead poisoned. This is not something that I talk about off the top of my head. It's not something that I am speculating about. It's not something I have invented.

This is something that has been well‑known. Came out of, I believe, Germany back in the 1930s. There's quite extensive research which led to FDA approval, and which has led to the increasing use of DMSA and other chelators. There are other chelators available as well, which might be recommended for certain people under certain sets of circumstances.

I write about the importance of detoxification, which takes the mystery out of things. If your doctor says, "You've got an incurable disease. We don't know the cause. We don't know the cure," You go home. You cry your eyes out. You say, "I'm a dead man," right?

But if your doctor says, "Look, open your mouth,"…Not one neurologist I have ever talked to, and I've talked to a lot of neurologists, ever said "Open wide. Let's see what you've got in there. Oh, look at that! You've got these silver‑colored. Whoa! Look, one, two, three, four, five, six, two, three...You've got 8, you've got 10, you've got 12. Did you know they're 50 percent mercury? Wow! We better do something about them," you know.

Of course, this never happens. I write about this on my site. The most powerful neurotoxin on the planet is never ruled out as the cause of neurological illness. Well, isn't that a little strange? Um, it is to me. [laughs] And so what I did was I started to put one and one together, and you know what I came up with? I added one and one and I got two!

John:  Wow.

Ken:  Now that may astonish some people, but I don't think it should because I think it's quite logical. I'm not the only one who has done this. I don't claim to be the only one in the universe who has come to this conclusion.

There was a book called "Beating Alzheimer's" written by Tom Warren. He overcame Alzheimer's disease. Of course mercury poisoning was in the brain that caused all kinds of mischief. They give it a different disease name. And Tom Warren wrote a book about this and it was based on mercury poisoning from dental fillings, and getting detoxified, and doing all this.

So I'm not the only one but I have been at it for 15 years and one person can make a difference. I'm trying to make a difference. That's basically what I do. I never push people to buy any product. Basically I sell the Zapper and the foot pads…[crosstalk]

John:  So actually, the Zapper. How does that come into play with you curing yourself?

Ken:  Well, as I mentioned earlier, the Zapper comes into play because mercury and other metals and/or chemicals create diseased areas in the body. These diseased areas attract parasites. They attract yeast. Candida's very common. [laughs]

Put it this way, I've had, I don't know, hundreds and hundreds of cases of candida come my way. Over the years, people email me about candida. I ask, "Is there a history of silver amalgam fillings?" In only 100 percent of the cases has the answer been yes.

Mercury attracts candida, mercury attracts parasites, all kinds of pathogens that love anaerobic and diseased tissue. The Zapper comes in because there is a chain of pathology. The chain, the strength of the chain is created by metals and chemicals in the vast majority of cases.

There are cases where it is just a parasitic problem such as malaria, for example. It doesn't have to be any chemical or metal component to the illness.

When we're talking about more serious, complex cases then the Zapper comes in because, various pathogens are attracted to the chemicals and metals, and they have to be killed in order to break what I call the chain of pathology. You deal with the underlying toxicity, and then you also deal with the pathogens that that are in the tissues and diseased organs.

When you do that, then you can have some pretty astonishing results. You can read about them in the testimonial archive of my site. Malaria is being dealt with very effectively with my Zapper.

I've had, a medical doctor using my Zapper in a country in Africa for a long time and he has reported his protocol, and reported that within six days his patient had come back malaria negative after using the Ultimate Zapper.

So the Zapper can be very, very effective in conditions that are exclusively related to pathogens without metals or chemicals being underlying causes. Warts, warts fall off of your hands. I mean I had a wart years ago.

I had a fellow come in to visit me years ago and he had a lot of these big warts on his hands, and he says, "I want to buy one of those Zappers. A friend of mine loaned me one of yours and my warts are falling off." He said, "I wanna finish the job, you know."

I said, "Oh." I had this wart. I had it on my left index finger. I had this wart for years and I'm just like, "All right, well I'll try it." So I did it and it didn't take too long before my wart was gone, never came back. [laughs] And warts, of course, warts are viral.

People write about the colds and the flu bug, and all kinds of other illnesses. Other conditions that are let’s say tapeworm.

And then somebody's had a two-foot tapeworm come out of them after using my Zapper. I have pictures of them, on my site, on the liver cleanse page, of people zapping before the liver cleansing.

They do the liver cleansing, and all these squirming things come out of them. Some people write me and they say, "Is this stuff going to come out of me? I'm scared of buying." I said, "No. No. No. I say, in most cases, these things are microscopic."

The vast majority of people don't see anything, but if there is a serious case of infestation, these things come out of people. They write me about them. It's under the category of parasites in the testimonial archives, and I am amazed. When I read these things I would say holy moly. I can't believe it.

John:  And how did you make the Zapper? How did you create it to begin with?

Ken:  That's the story which I write about if you go down the home page of my site. My site is I have a mirror site which does have a www in front of it and it's called

And, if you go down the right hand margin to near the bottom, you'll see how I invented the Ultimate Zapper and the story is there. I won't repeat it now because it's a very time consuming thing that I covered in my writings.

John:  OK. Perfect. I've got just three more questions. First one is there's a lot of therapies right now that are pretty popular for multiple sclerosis. Have you heard of Dr. Paolo Zamboni and...

Ken:  Uh‑huh.

John:  Liberation therapy?

Ken:  Yeah.

John:  Even you were just talking about parasites. Helminthic therapy where you put webworms and hookworms into you and that helps the autoimmune system? Do you have any thoughts on that 'cause they are not really related to mercury?

Ken:  There's this thing about autoimmune disease and this theory, that has been made popular, to convince people that their own tissues are attacking themselves.

Well, healthy tissue does not attack itself. You don't wake up in the morning, and all of a sudden, you were healthy the day before, and you have some tissue over here, which has decided to attack tissue over there. What happens is that you have toxins inside the cells. And the body wants to rid the cell of those toxins.

So the immune system is activated, and you have what is popularly called an autoimmune disease or an autoimmune reaction. What's happening is that, essentially the body is trying to get rid of poison and it's fighting. It can do this in different ways.

The whole business of buying into the terminology and the theories that the medical system promotes regarding illness I do not buy. If I had bought that then I would be dead a long, long time ago.

John:  OK.

Ken:  You have to understand, in my hard copy book that I am writing now. You have to understand about the medical system, and how it works. The medical system is owned by the pharmaceutical companies, and it's not in their best interest to get to the bottom of things. It's in their best interest to sell their products.

I have a very long chapter on the medical system, which explains to people various aspects of my thoughts and my opinions, my feelings and my research about how it works. When you understand that, then you can become informed and make informed decisions. When you hear people talking about something through the media or a clinic, you go to a doctor or friends or someone.

You can see in the perspective that I feel it should be seen, which is a broader perspective. You need to get very well informed in order to understand what you're up against because, put it this way, if I hadn't become informed, as I said, I would have been dead long time ago.

Information is power. You inform yourself. You know what is going on, and you know what you are up against. You know what you have to do. You become in a sense your own guide, your own practitioner. It's not that you don't need practitioners, but you need to know what kinds of practitioners and what kinds of help and therapies you need in order to get better.

The system will not guide you in overcoming something such as multiple sclerosis because they make too much money off of it. I read recently, I think I put it into one of my publications, somebody was rushing to market with a billion dollar MS drug. I said, "Well, I can imagine they were lacing up their sneakers very quickly to rush to market with that kind of money to be made," you know. [laughs]

John:  Yeah. What do you feel that was the difference between you getting better than other people that has also tried chelation therapy, and some of these other treatments?

Ken:  Well, you know, this is a very complex question. If you want to get better you have to understand what the problem is, and then you have to do things on different levels. There is the, the physical plane that we're talking about now, and there is the mental plane and there is the spiritual plane.

And all of these have to come together and they have to work together in order to create the fertile ground, physical and spiritual for healing. There are some people who have become too far ill, um, on the physical plane, and it's extremely difficult to overcome once you have got to a certain, like what they call today, a tipping point.

I'm not going to say what kinda tipping point or what a tipping point is, because look at me I came from paralysis. So was I past the tipping point? Obviously I wasn't. [laughs]

Ken:  I was a basket case but I wasn't a foregone conclusion. So it depends on the person. You have to be very, very strong mentally, very strong spiritually. Even though your body may be  [laughs] a wreck, you have to be a strong person.

You have to discover the different therapies that are important on the physical plane. You gotta fight like hell, by the grace of God, you can do it. I know many, many people who have done it, who have replicated my recovery.

I said on my site on the home page under the section called my recovery protocol, my recovery was not an accident. It wasn't an accident because other people have done the same thing. Dr. Hal Huggins, he was a dentist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I got to know him years ago. He's a very, very incredible person. He was using mercury in his practice. He got multiple sclerosis, which I don't think he really has publicized.

He wrote a book called, "It's All in Your Head." Of course, play on words, the doctors tell patients, "It's all in your head." Well it is, but [laughs] , if you open wide, then you'll see what part of your head it's in. So Dr. Huggins reversed his practice to biological dentistry, non‑mercury dentist, and he opened an institute to help people with MS.

Well apparently he got a thousand people to recover from MS. He was becoming too popular so they set him up for a fall. They took his license to practice dentistry. Anyway, he is down in Mexico now doing great work.

There are many people who have been able to recover, and by doing the kinds of things that I'm talking about. If my case had been unique, it would be valueless because, what's the point of something being unique, because if you pass it on to others it doesn't have, the same possibility of having a similar result. Then it's just an anecdotal as they say, it's a story. It's a freak but this is not a freak case. There's there are many cases.

Percentage wise, it's still a very, very small percentage, about one percent of the people with MS, who have been able to recover. There's a lot of people out there with MS, never mind, Crohn's disease. Just talking about MS, there's a lot of people out there who can benefit from this kind of information, because there are a lot of people who have already recovered using this kind of information.

John:  Perfect. Last question. Any last words of wisdom or thoughts on healings that you think might help other people?

Ken:  Well, I would say to people who are seriously ill as I was to never lose hope, never to lose faith. You pray to God for help every day. Everyone knows the expression "God help those who help themselves." Even if you have only prayer, and only your mind and spirit as was my case.

My body [laughs] wasn't worth talking about, the conditions that I was in for quite a long time but with prayer and with positive affirmations, with positive visualizations, with strength of spirit and tenacity it is possible to overcome serious illness.

There is no guarantee. I make no medical guarantees. I make no medical claims. That would be totally irresponsible because I would never want to be accused of giving anyone false hope. Someone who had, let's say, done the things that I'd done and came back to me and said, "Look I'm bitter because I did everything you told me to do and, and you lied to me or you said, you made this claim, or you used the word cure, or whatever."

I don't do that. I'm responsible. I know what people are up against. I know what I was up against. I know a lot of my friends have died. I know I visited the care center where people were dying with multiple sclerosis.

I have a friend who died at the age of 32. I had another friend who died in her 60's, not from dental mercury, but from cadmium poisoning from working in an automobile factory in Europe for 10 years. She developed MS from cadmium poisoning. It's not always dental mercury as I mentioned before.

So what I would say is yes recovery is possible. There is no one who can guarantee that for you. On the other hand, if somebody says to you that you're incurable, well, you should walk away and say, "Thank you very much. It was a pleasure meeting you."

John:  Perfect. Well thank you very much Ken. That was great. I think you gave a lot of valuable information today.

Ken:   Thank you for the opportunity to talk to people. If anyone wants to be in touch with me, I work 365 days a year. I haven't had a day off in over 10 years, and this is a labor of love for me.

People can email me at, uh, K‑E‑N‑P‑R‑E‑S‑N‑E‑ And I will be glad to answer any questions or concerns that people have. When I get a deluge of email I work through it. Normally I get about 50 email a day, and everybody gets an answer within 24 hours. So if anyone wants to email me under normal circumstances, they can expect that they will hear from me within 24 hours.

John:  Perfect.

Ken:  Thank you very much.

John:  Perfect. Thanks a lot Ken. That's great.

Recommend Links:

The following is a link to Ken’s website where you can purchase his “Ultimate Zapper” as well as his e-book “My Recovery Protocol” and his other e-books “The Risks of Chelation” and “The Ultimate Liver Cleanse”.

Also worth reading is Ken’s speech to the MS Society which he made in 1997.

Recommended Reading:

In this interview Ken makes mention of the following two books which also discuss healing through removal of mercury fillings:

1)    Beating Alzheimer's by Tom Warren
2)    It's All In Your Head by Dr. Hal Huggins


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