How to Reverse Hypothyroidism Naturally; Curing Infertility
Disease/Condition: Hypothyroidism,Pituitary Adenoma Name: Elena Wilkens
Primary Therapy Used in Healing: Plant based diet - hypothyroid, B12 injection therapy - pituitary adenoma Healing Practitioner:  N/A

In January of 2008, Elena was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. When given the option of being on medication for the rest of her life she decided to take action and look into what other options she had. This video talks about her discovery of a plant based diet and how that helped heal her hypothyroidism. It also discusses how she took the same approach to looking for solutions for a pituitary gland tumor that was affecting her and her husband's ability to concieve a a baby.

In addition to this video, I encourage you to look at her website and read her about page which contains pictures and other information.


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