How I cured my psoriasis 100% Naturally in 7 months

Last updated date: 19:01:31 08-12-2016
Disease/Condition: Psoriasis Name: Henry Leander
Primary Therapy Used in Healing: Paleo Diet Healing Practitioner:  N/A
For over 15 years Henry had aggressive crohn's disease and psoriasis. On 4. february 2015 he changed his medical doctor who helped him with changing his diet to what is probably most known as a 
Paleo diet, and today he is 100% symptom and medfree! You can follow Henry on instagram at paleolifestylenorway.

Below is his description of his healing process taken from his You Tube video description:

"I had very reduced life quality huge parts of the 14-15 years i had the diagnose Crohn's disease and later on Psoriasis.
I came over a private medical doctor who specialises on food as medicine, and she guided me towards something that would fall in the category of what is today known as a paleo diet.
We followed up with blood tests, i was very low on many vitamins and minerals, my cholesterol was terrible. But after changing my diet things started very fast to change.

Today I am 100% symptome free, I haven't taken any medicines, or used any steroids/creams since March 2015 and my skin is 100% healed. But if I eat a little junk, the symptoms starts coming back little by little."



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