Dr. Shemesh Zecharia Medical Treatment for Tinnitus - My Personal Experience

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Disease/Condition: Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears) Name: William Randolph Hunt
Primary Therapy Used in Healing:  Healing Practitioner:  Dr. Zecharya Shemesh M.D.

You Tube Description:

My name is William Randolph Hunt, organizational consultant and resident of Charlotte (North Carolina), USA. I have suffered from chronic tinnitus and underwent treatments in the United States without success.

Following Internet searches and consultation with tinnitus sufferer from california i decided to come to Dr. Shemesh clinic in Israel. In this video i describe in great detail how the tinnitus started, the treatments for tinnitus in the US and in Israel and my condition today.

After this experience with tinnitus i established a global organization that support tinnitus sufferers - The International Tinnitus Awareness Association (ITAA).

His website is http://tinnitusaware.org


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