Creating the World's Largest Database of Healing Stories

Who hasn’t spent time surfing the internet looking for solutions to a loved one’s or their own incurable disease? Surfing the net in this fashion tends to have several problems:


  1. Search results vary depending on what was typed in and also depending on what search engine was used.
  2. Finding people with the same types and severity of problems is a hit and miss process.
  3. When you do find a health specialist or product that can help, how do you know it is legitimate and not too good to be true? Most people with health problems want to believe that there is a solution out there. Spending money this way can be costly.
  4. Sometimes you read about a promising solution in a article, blog or chat forum but then are left with the big problem – how do you find this specialist or solution?
  5. Testimonials found are often lacking details and description. Regardless of whether the solution is legitimate and helpful you are left unbelieving and therefore do not act on it.
  6. If it is a life or death situation, such as stage 4 cancer, you don’t have a lot of time to research every solution. *


In short, just ask anyone who has typed the name of a disease followed by the word “cured” in a search engine and they will describe a long, arduous and sometimes frustrating experience.


Information Overload


Individuals searching for health answers on the internet are bombarded by confusing messages. There is the:


·      “natural cures that they don’t want you to know about,”

·      solutions not being released by pharmaceutical companies because they can’t    profit from them,”

·      “the cure for all diseases” in addition to the myriads of

·      guru doctors claiming to be able to help you    


There’s no doubt that the health industry is big business, not only for the pharmaceuticals but for all players: alternative medicine practitioners, manufacturers of supplements and other products, hospitals and foundations. None would exist with the absence of disease, so they all create a lot of NOISE to be heard and compete in this crowded market place. It is this noise that makes it difficult for individuals to find the right solutions for themselves.


A Consolidated Website of “Cure Stories”


The idea behind Cure was to create a website which consolidated the testimonials and stories of people who were able to rise above their circumstances and find healing from their diseases. The more details these testimonials provided the better.


In time, once the site became large enough, posted with enough stories, it could become an effective search engine for people diagnosed with “incurable diseases” to find which solutions worked best for people that had their exact problems. For example, someone with stage 3 pancreatic cancer could find all of the people who had stage 3 pancreatic cancer and had healed themselves. Someone with eczema on their ankles could find stories of people who had successfully rid eczema from their ankles. Multiple Sclerosis, like some other diseases, affects everyone differently. For some it affects their vision, others their speech and others still, their mobility. Depending on their symptoms this site could help people find people with the same symptoms and learn how they put themselves into remission.


A site like this would link up the hospitals, doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and manufacturers of products that can help people with “incurable diseases” to the people with these diseases. Many health practitioners and health products already post these stories on their website or on YouTube. They want the world to know that they can help. All too often their stories aren’t found, however. In time, with enough stories, local health care providers with success in treating “incurable” situations will be connected to patients in their area.


Our Mission: Creating P.A.T.Hs for Individuals


In our quest to build this database, we scoured the internet for “cure stories and posted those that we could from open source sites like  For other stories on websites or individual blogs the owners were contacted and asked for permission to post on this site or for them to do it themselves. Individual alternative and mainstream doctors that were identified as being successful were also contacted and asked to set up a profile and get their patients to post their stories.  Lastly individual health organizations from around the world were contacted and asked to direct their clients’ stories of healing here.


Why go to so much trouble to create such a large database of stories? We want to create P.A.T.H.s for individuals suffering with health issues.


P.A.T.H. stands for Proven Alternative Therapy for Healing. In order for a therapy to receive the P.A.T.H. designation there must be 10,000 unique stories of healing for a particular disease/condition posted for that therapy with no harmful side effects. Our belief is that if there are 10,000 stories posted then that is proof positive that a given therapy is a suitable healing therapy that most people should be able to rely on. Examples of therapies that eventually could be P.A.T.H.s are:


1.     GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet – Bipolar Disease

2.     HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) – Prostate Cancer

3.     Functional Medicine – Multiple Sclerosis

4.     Raw Food Diet – Type 2 Diabetes

5.     NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques)– Allergies


Hope for the Weary


Being healthy is the greatest of freedoms in life that everyone deserves. Our hope is that people who have lost this great asset of health reclaim it through the inspiration, strategies, practitioners and P.A.T.H.s found on this website. wants to be the first “port of call” for individuals diagnosed with incurable diseases and conditions that were told “Nothing can be done”. Something can always be done.

* This was the most disturbing result to me. As I searched the internet for stories of people who had cured themselves of incurable diseases for this website I consistently came across words of desperation written in blog posts or chat forums from people who were ready to try anything to save themselves or a loved one. Most people don't plan on themselves or a loved one becoming ill. Even if they did, how would they know what disease is going to be the problem?